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3 semplici passi per insegnare il riporto al proprio cane

3 simple steps to teach your dog how to retrieve

Teaching your dog to retrieve is a very simple thing, especially if we start doing it when the dog is still a puppy.

But let's see three simple steps together to teach retrieve to our dog:

1. We select the object to be returned.

We can take his favorite toy: a ball, a rope, a stick, as long as the object is not small to prevent the dog from swallowing it.

If the dog is not interested in any of these objects, we can keep the toy close to the food until he catches the smell, so the dog will have more incentive to go and resume the game.

2. We launch the game near us

Once we have selected the game we have to launch it near us. As soon as the dog grabs the toy we take it out of his mouth and give him a treat.

This exercise should be repeated for a few days and should be done at small intervals.

If the dog fetches the toy but then doesn't let go, try offering him a reward for letting him drop it.

3. Associate a word with the game release

When we want the dog to let go, we need to use words like "let go" to associate the action with the word. When he listens to us we must give him a reward.

As we go on with the days we have to reduce the rewards until they are completely eliminated.

Be patient with your dog, not everyone learns fast, especially dogs that are no longer puppies, and some need encouragement to start the fetch.

Enjoy yourselves!

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