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5 consigli per minimizzare lo stress dei cani con i botti di capodanno

5 tips to minimize the stress of dogs with New Year's barrels

With the approach of New Year's Eve, the problem of New Year's barrels that frighten our dogs returns. The noise caused by firecrackers and fireworks causes great stress to our four-legged friends, as it leads them to lose their orientation and consequently sometimes run away from home with the risk of getting lost, and in the worst hypothesis of being hit by cars.

Every year more than 25,000 animals are victims of firecrackers that explode on New Year's Eve, and about 35% of dogs are lost on New Year's Eve. The shelters and kennels fill up on this very date, and it is for this reason that many animal associations have asked Italian municipalities to avoid the use of fireworks and firecrackers.

What to do then to minimize the problem of New Year's barrels?

  1. Have him listen to the music or the TV to minimize the noise of the barrels

  2. Keep the dog indoors if you can, possibly in a room away from noise.

  3. Make sure the dog has places where he can shelter while firing barrels (under a table or chair)

  4. Stay close to the dog, maintaining and transmitting calm with both gestures and voice.

  5. If you really have to go out, avoid crowded and noisy places, or in any case where the barrels are fired more frequently.

It is therefore important for those who have a dog to keep all these indications in mind

For those who are instead thinking of getting a dog, it is important to know what problems New Year's blasts can cause and therefore also consider this aspect when deciding to get a dog.

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