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Come comportarsi se il cane si rifiuta di mangiare?

What to do if your dog refuses to eat?

It may have happened to you too that you have a dog that refuses food. Excluding the pathological states that cause a decrease in appetite in the dog, the refusal of food can occur even if the dog is in perfect health.

The palatability of the food is certainly important, but what do we do if the dog no longer eats the food it has always eaten until the day before?

Sometimes it can only be a momentary whim , especially in small dogs who are more spoiled by their owners and who often flavor their foods with various additions.

It is therefore important to observe the dog's behavior and if he begins to fast for too long, an alternative food should be given in order not to leave the dog too many days fasting.

In addition to vices, the loss of appetite can also depend on changes related to the environment in which it is found. For example, if you have moved the bowl to a different place than usual, or you have moved house or there is a new baby in the house. All of these factors can affect a dog's appetite.

In any case, the dog needs time to get used to the new condition and regain his state of serenity that allows him to return to eating his beloved food undisturbed.

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