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Come preparare del cibo per il tuo cane fatto in casa

How to make homemade dog food

First we should ask ourselves: What should a healthy and varied diet contain?

Your dog's meals are very important, here is a basic rule that can be used for all preparations for your dog.

A combination of:

  • Fresh meat - (chicken, turkey, beef, pork)
  • Vegetables and raw fruit (excluding grapes, onions, avocados, raw potatoes and citrus fruits)
  • Rice and pasta wholemeal and oatmeal
  • Yogurt. (Cheese is fine too, especially if aged)

Here, for example, are two recipes that you could prepare:

Rice and salmon

This dish is rich in good fats and omega 6, essential for the dog. It also provides the right amount of carbohydrates. To prepare it you will need:

  • 30 grams of brown rice
  • 150 grams of salmon (you can also use sardines)
  • 20 grams of cauliflower
  • 1 pinch of parsley
  • Sunflower oil

Preparation of the rice with salmon:

  1. Rinse the rice and boil it in plenty of water.
  2. Dice the salmon and chop the cauliflower.
  3. Prepare the salmon grilled or baked with the vegetables, sprinkling with a little parsley.
  4. When the rice is fully cooked and the salmon and vegetables lightly cooked, you can prepare for serving.
  5. Add a drop of vegetable oil, mix and leave to cool.

Lamb with potatoes and zucchini:

  • 100 grams of veal for stew
  • 200 grams of peeled boiled potatoes
  • 65 grams of zucchini
  • 1 teaspoon of soybean oil

Preparation of the meat pie:

  1. Cook the potatoes until cooked through: mash them into a puree
  2. Sear the lamb on the griddle or cook in a large pot without roasting, with the help of a little water.
  3. Wash and dry the vegetables: then chop and grate them.
  4. When the ingredients have cooled, cut the meat into cubes, combine the puree and vegetables and add a teaspoon of soybean oil.
  5. Stir the mixture

NOTE: The amount of food is to be rationed on the basis of the dog's weight and its daily calorie expenditure. For example, a dog of 5kg needs about 441 kcal per day, while a 15kg dog reaches 1000 kcal!

Furthermore, when cooking at home, you have to be very careful because if you intend to do it for a long time you need to know the right proportions of the right nutrients for your dog, in short, it is not really a walk.

"But what do I do if I want my dog ​​to eat healthily, but I don't have the time or resources to cook and ration healthy dishes every day?"

TastyPet was born for this reason , synonymous with 100% natural and healthy food, designed to increase the quality and duration of your dog's life and provide the right nutrients to his diet.

We prepare all our products by hand using only natural ingredients, such as beef, pork or salmon and without adding salt, sugar, additives or preservatives.

"If we treat our dog like a member of the family, we have to take care of his nutrition, as we would a child."

If you are interested in learning more and / or ordering a pack click on the button below, and you will go directly to our online shop where you will also find information on the daily quantity.
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