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Cosa sono gli antiossidanti e come agiscono sull’alimentazione degli animali?

What are antioxidants and how do they affect animal nutrition?

Antioxidants are the allies par excellence in the fight against free radicals for us humans, but they are also very important for our animals to fight cellular aging.

Antioxidants are able to inhibit and stop the spread of free radicals and the cellular damage they can cause to the dog or cat, thus slowing down the aging process of the body.

There are two types of antioxidants: endogenous , that is enzymes already existing in the tissues and which act jointly with the mineral salts that our pets take with food; and exogenous antioxidants. The latter are obtained exclusively from food.

Obviously, antioxidants can also be administered through food supplements, but at Tasty Pet we prefer to have our four-legged friends follow a correct and balanced diet so as not to have to add any supplements. On the other hand, mother nature gives us ingredients rich in all the nutrients, you just need to take them in the correct way.

So what are the foods that contain the most antioxidants?

In the first place we find the red beet , rich in antioxidants useful to protect the body and the aging of our four-legged friends. Antioxidants are present in both the tuber and the leaves.

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Or our cookies:

Red fruits are another excellent ally against cellular aging. They also help prevent metabolic, cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

Discover our gluten-free organic cookies with red fruits:

Carrot , rich in vitamin C and beta- carotene it is particularly rich in antioxidants.

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