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Perchè è così importante il calcio per i cuccioli di cane?

Why is calcium so important for puppies?

The diet of dogs has a preponderant influence on the health of our four-legged friends.

It is therefore advisable to make him follow a correct diet since he was a puppy. Among the most important mineral salts for the growth of our puppy there is undoubtedly calcium, and this is exactly what we will talk about.

Football is important because:

  • keeps our dogs' teeth and bones healthy and contributes to their growth

  • regulates the heart rate

  • regulates the transmission of nerve impulses

  • regulates blood clotting

Calcium must be taken by our dog together with phosphorus and magnesium in order to be used in the best possible way by their body.

What Are Naturally High Calcium Foods for Dogs?

At we always recommend, where possible, to naturally include mineral salts in the diet of dogs. So also for calcium we recommend that our four-legged friends take foods naturally rich in this mineral salt rather than synthetic supplements.

Calcium is found in dairy products and yogurt , preferring lactose-free ones, because some dogs may not tolerate it, or goat ones.

But we also find it in some aromatic herbs such as basil or more simply in eggs and even in their shells.

Another calcium-rich food is fish : so ok with salmon, sardines, tuna and trout. Discover our complete food Salmon and Apples, excellent for puppies and pregnant dogs:

What is the right amount of calcium to give to the dog?

The amount of calcium to be taken by the dog varies according to the weight, age and physical condition of the dog. And special attention must be given to puppies, while an adult dog needs about 120 mg of calcium for every kg of weight, a puppy will need at least triple it.

It should also be remembered that while the adult dog, if he has taken too much calcium, excretes it independently, the puppy instead absorbs it all, and it is therefore advisable to be followed by a veterinarian during the puppy's growth phase.

It is therefore very important during the growth phase of the dog to make sure that he is getting the right amount of calcium, because it is really a very important mineral salt for the development of the bone system and for muscle functions.

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