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20 curiosità da sapere su cani e gatti - Vol 1

20 curiosities to know about dogs and cats - Vol 1

Dogs and cats are the most traditional pets, in fact they are the ones we spend the most time with in any environment we find ourselves in and sometimes we have no idea of ​​the surprising and curious facts that can exist about them.

Thanks to them we really know a lot, we can even understand what your animal's personality says, we do research and sometimes we think we know them inside out; of course, a lot of time spent with them gives us interesting insight. We know when they are hungry, when they are out doing their thing, we also know when they want to be naughty.

Even though we know them so well and know how to take care of a dog or a cat, these little animals never cease to surprise us and there is always something new that we can still discover.

1. Dog kisses can make you sick

For all dog and cat lovers, we tell you that dogs' mouths are full of bacteria, and beware of "delicate bacteria" and very harmful, the main one being salmonella.
These organisms are acquired and found in your dog's mouth when he eats raw food or when he uses his tongue as toilet paper, not to mention some unpleasant things he may find on the floor. Through kissing, these germs are transmitted from dog to dog and/or to you, causing serious complications.

2. People can also infect the animal

It's not the most common thing, but it happens. Veterinarians recommend washing your hands often and not sharing bedding if you are sick with your pet.

3. Dogs can smell hypoglycemia.

Dogs can tell when their diabetic owner or another person has a dramatic drop in blood sugar levels. So much so that there are dogs trained as diabetes detectors. In fact, most trained dogs are able to anticipate drops or rises in blood sugar. When a dog notices this and starts licking itself and leaning too much, the person may have a problem with hypoglycemia, which is correct in 90% of cases; however, it is always best to have it confirmed by a professional through medical tests.

4. Dogs have a look of love

When the dog closes his eyes in front of you, it is possible that he is giving you a look of love and not just a "prayer to heaven". Dogs can only develop this somewhat atypical behavior with people who are close to them and when they look directly at a stranger, then it could be a threat. Do you remember the look your dog gives you when he asks for food or have you understood the signals that your dog has given you through his body language? You have understood.

5. Cats love a lot.

Even though cats have a remarkable indifference and show it often, some experts confirm that some cats suffer a lot when they are separated from their favorite person and this is one of the reasons why cats pee on your clothes when you are away .

Other signs that the cat may have are when it blocks the owner's path when he moves away. When alone, they often vomit for those who love them. Their anxiety is usually treated with medications.

6. Dogs can learn 250 words

Of course we don't mean they talk to her, but for the smartest and best trained dogs they are similar to a 2 year old's ability to understand people's words and even follow instructions. These dogs are able to understand up to 250 words, while a medium-sized dog understands up to 150.

7. White cats are often deaf.

These cuddly little white fluffs are often deaf in one or both ears, in fact, especially those with blue eyes. When only one eye is blue, the cat is likely deaf in only one ear. If you believe this to be the case, consult a veterinarian for confirmation.

8. Cats always land on their feet

The myth that a cat always lands on its feet is known in every corner of the world and is a "TRUE" myth. Cats, in addition to having short legs and thanks to their very elastic spine, do not break their paws when they fall (try not to try this at home and not from significant heights).

This is because their vestibular system, located in the inner ear, reacts within a few tenths of a second to having the head in an irregular position, and the cat's entire body reacts. Of course, when they fall on their head or body, they suffer serious injuries.

9. Cats smell with their mouths

Cats have a small gland in their mouth called the vomeronasal organ, an auxiliary organ of smell in some vertebrates.

To better smell another cat's private parts, they open their mouth to the right width to smell the organ in question. This behavior is called the "Flehmen reaction" and usually occurs in male cats trying to smell female cats.

10. Wagging the tail means the dog is happy

A dog wags its tail during three different moods and one of them occurs when the dog is happy. When a dog becomes hysterical, he always tries to defend his position. When his tail keeps wagging, it means he is scared. When he is happy he holds his tail semi-raised, as well as his ears, mouth and body appear relaxed.

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