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Cosa sognano i cani mentre dormono?

What do dogs dream while they sleep?

If you have a dog, you will already know that dogs dream, and many times while they do, we see them whining, shaking, barking or even moving their paws as if they are running. But what do dogs dream about? What do dogs dream when they wag their tails? And when do they bark?

In a recent study conducted by Harvard Medical School, Deirdre Barretthan conducted research to find out what dogs dream about when they sleep. The conclusion was that dogs dream of the people they love most and themselves. But also with their daily activities and experiences, so if your dog spends the day running, it is very likely that he does so while sleeping too.

Can dogs dream?

Although dogs sleep many hours a day, they do not do so continuously. In general, they usually sleep between 13 and 14 hours a day . In fact, a puppy can sleep up to 18 hours .

The fact is that all of them are constantly in a state of wakefulness or shallow sleep , so they can wake up at any time with any noise, no matter how slight, or even with some smell, especially if they are in a kennel or similar places where the stimuli are greater. Like us, they dream in phases, but theirs don't last more than 20 minutes.

When your dog falls asleep, he enters a phase of slow-wave sleep that is combined with other phases of deeper REM sleep. It is precisely at this stage that dogs dream. Moment that helps them to remember their experiences and what they are learning.

What do dogs dream of when they cry?

During different stages of their life, dogs sleep more or fewer hours, which influences the number of dreams they have and the type of sleep. It may be that on some occasions we have seen him cry and you have become worried. Unfortunately there is no scientific way to know 100% what a dog dreams about , we can only deduce it from their daily experiences. But it is also not advisable to wake him up suddenly. The best thing to do is pet them and give them our hand to smell so that they notice our presence and relax.

And when do they bark?

If your dog barks while sleeping, he may be having a bad dream, but you can't be sure. He may simply be excited to play with something new or chase another dog. What cannot be ruled out is that during the dream you relived a stressful or sad moment.

Can dogs have nightmares?

Surely you have also wondered what dogs dream about when they have nightmares. When this happens, it is normal for them to become restless and start moving their legs, barking, growling or even crying. At this time it is not recommended to wake him up. He thinks having nightmares from time to time is the most normal thing in the world, so it shouldn't worry you. However, if it becomes commonplace, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian.

What do I do if I know my dog ​​is dreaming?

To improve your rest and enjoy good physical and mental activity, it is important that you find a comfortable place to sleep and, above all, that you do not wake him. Why shouldn't dogs be woken up when they dream? Because it can be disconcerting for them and have a negative response as a reflex action. Keep in mind that they don't think like us, so you have to be more cautious. Of course, if you think he's having a nightmare and you want to wake him up, try to do so gently and with great affection.

In short, it's not possible to know for sure what dogs dream about while they sleep, but most research suggests it would be everyday dreams and their owners. In fact, it is believed that when they move their legs or make small movements, they may dream that they are playing or walking. Something in which they are quite similar to us. And while they do so they may growl, cry, kick or tremble, for example. This happens especially in puppies.

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