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Le 10 cose che non sapevi sul tuo cane

The 10 things you didn't know about your dog

It's nice to know that we humans have been in the company of loyal and affectionate animals like dogs for more than 10,000 years, they are simply amazing, full of energy, vitality and above all they make our life extraordinary, that's why they are considered the best friend of man and we are sure that every dog ​​owner can confirm and assure it.

It is important to recognize that every day we get better at deciphering their body language , we know what they mean with their ear movements, their tender gaze and their particular tail; we have progressed and know how to identify the types of vocalizations and associate them with their mood or needs. Dogs have great abilities that we already know, such as their great sense of smell, hearing and intelligence that never ceases to amaze us. However, we are wrong if we think we know everything about them and here on Ringo we will show you those curiosities that you don't know about furry ones.

Things you don't know about your dog:

1. Dogs can detect diseases. Dogs can easily tell when you are sick and numerous studies have revealed that they can detect cancer; a simple explanation is that they are able to smell the organic compounds that are produced when something is wrong and that are detected in the feces, urine or breath of the sick person.

2. They sweat through their paws. Exactly they do this through their paw pads, which is why you can sometimes notice how they leave a wet trail with their paws on hot days.

3. Dogs were guides in war. In the history of mankind, the first guide dogs were specially trained by the Germans in World War I to help soldiers who were blind in war.

4. Their nose is like our fingerprints. Their nose is made up of a unique combination, different for each dog, and the same goes for their fingerprints.

5. Ringos can also suffer from mental health problems. For many it can be fun and it is actually important to pay attention, these possible disorders in your furry friends must be treated like any other disease. The most common are: anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder.

6. Dogs sense feelings. Studies have confirmed that furry dogs are able to sense subtle changes in our scent, making it easier to understand what we're feeling.

7. Did you know that ringos can be left- or right-handed? You can easily identify him by paying attention to his movements, playing with him and throwing him his favorite toy, seeing which paw he uses first to catch it and repeating this activity several times: the paw he uses more will tell you whether he is left-handed or right-handed.

8. He is as smart as a child. He can understand 250 words and gestures, which is also the case with children and which people often associate because dogs and children tend to get along very well.

9. They also fall in love. Our furry pets are very sociable animals and love the company of those who offer them love and care; just as humans can experience strong and clear emotions, including falling in love. Their brain releases oxytocin, the love hormone, and this happens when the dog feels deep affection for its owner; this bond of affection unites them and strengthens the friendship.

10. They don't see all colors. This is a false myth, the reality is that they not only see in black and white, but can also distinguish some colors. A study conducted showed that they can distinguish red and blue, but tend to confuse green with red.

11. As a bonus: the Basenji dog is a silent dog. This dog breed has several peculiarities, it is one of the oldest in the world and stands out for being "silent", which means that it does not bark and that the sounds it emits are similar to those of hyenas and this is because its vocal cords are narrow and do not allow him to make sounds like a normal dog.

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