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3 comportamenti tipici dei cani

3 typical dog behaviors

Each of us will have asked ourselves at least once in our life but why does my dog ​​get between my legs? Or why does he tilt his head when I talk to him?

Let's face it, it is fascinating and fun at the same time to observe our four-legged friends, whether they are puppies or adults.

Among the most common behaviors among dogs there is undoubtedly the tilt of the head . This type of action they tend to do in response to a particular tone of voice or a familiar sound.

It could also mean, in some circumstances, that the dog is trying to understand what we are saying to him.

Some experts believe that some dogs tilt their heads when they think what they hear could lead to something they like, like going for a walk.

In fact, dogs are known to understand certain words and therefore a puppy who is tilting his head may try to steal a keyword or a change of tone that will deliver on the promise.

Another frequently asked question is: Why is my dog ​​walking between my legs?

Here is another canine action that is seen especially in medium and large breeds.

Some dogs do this when they are excited or anxious - physical contact can be comforting for them. It can also be a form of behavior for those dogs that seek attention. Who wouldn't pay attention to a dog walking between their legs?

Why does my dog ​​take things out of the bin?

This is a really annoying behavior when it happens in our kitchen, but it is completely understandable.

For your dog, the kitchen basket is an aromatic buffet of leftovers and containers that once held food. A real treat for their palate and their nose!

Often the dog performs this gesture when he is alone in the house; therefore it can also be partly justified by the anxiety that he experiences during the absence of the owners during the day. So there is nothing to worry about that cannot be solved with the right amount of pampering!

Occasionally, a dog eats strange things from the garbage due to some health problem. If your dog is ingesting non-food foods from the trash or elsewhere, make an appointment with your vet to see if there is an underlying disorder that could be causing the behavior.

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