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Cani da tartufo

Truffle dogs

If you want to bring your dog to truffles, know that Italian law requires the dog to be trained for this purpose. On the other hand, there is no indication on the breed of the dog, so every truffle researcher can choose the dog he prefers.

There are obviously some breeds that are more suited to the search for truffles. These breeds share a number of characteristics:

  • a very developed sense of smell

  • a strong focus on seeking

  • strong resistance to fatigue

  • little interest in game

  • they must be balanced and obedient

Usually the most used breeds are:

  • Bracco

  • Pointer

  • Lagotto romagnolo

  • Spinone

  • Cocker

The first two are especially suitable in the areas of the Apennines because they are strong and fast dogs, therefore suitable for climbs and hikes.

The lagotto, on the other hand, is more suitable for flat areas and in the woods, which has a shorter wheelbase than the previous ones.

Depending on the area, one breed will therefore be used more than another.

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