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Perchè i cani mettono la testa fuori dal finestrino dell'auto?

Why do dogs put their heads out of the car window?

Have you ever brought your beloved trusty with you in the car? And has he ever put his head out the window? Well I guess the answer already!

Dogs literally love to put their heads out the window because they can smell a myriad of new smells coming from all directions.

The nose of dogs is not remotely comparable to that of humans. We have 5 olfactory receptors, dogs have up to 250,000 million scent glands. So it is really impossible for us to be able to understand the amount of smells that our four-legged friends feel.

The smells that the dog feels with his head out the window are a mix of new and known smells, aromas that the dog analyzes to understand where he is, who has passed by before him, who he is about to meet.

Obviously it is not only the smells that push the dog to put his head out the window but also the people, the cars, the other dogs he sees moving in the distance. In short, he is distracted by everything that happens outside the aut.

In addition, the air that passes from the moving car is good for the dog because it keeps him cool especially on hot summer days.

The fact that the dog keeps his head out the window is certainly fun for both us and the dog, but at the same time it is dangerous. So it is always wise to drive slowly and carefully, regardless of whether or not the dog has his head out the window, and to use dog armor to prevent the dog from jumping out of the window to chase something or someone.

So be very careful for the safety of your dog but also of the people who pass by you on foot, by bike or by car at that moment.

Have a good trip!

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